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The C-Suite Hub is a progressive workforce solution firm that aims to simplify search and recruitment process of C-level executives.

" Searching for top executives in a competitive market should not be complicated. Similarly, looking for a new job should be as straightforward. It shouldn’t be a long-winded process. "

We represent the underrepresented

We help the highly experienced older Gen X compete in a constantly evolving technologically driven job market.

And we help open doors for the younger Millennials & Gen Z that brings fresh perspective and modern approaches to gain experience in the marketplace.

We aim to be a change catalyst to businesses hiring behavior, trend, and stereotypes by initiating meaningful dialogs around the subject of hiring a diverse workforce that breaks the barrier of age, gender, and racial bias.

We offer a swift proven approach to our clients and candidates by following our 5 simple step process of:

We will communicate with you throughout the entire stages of our recruitment process with meaningful data and analytics.

With over 15+ years of experience in the region, we have built a broad network of diverse talent pools that span across the Middle East & Africa, Europe, and ASIAPAC. We have global reach!

100% of our client base is from repeat business operating in a wide spectrum of industry sectors in multiple geographical locations.

"We are progressive, forward-looking, and innovative. We possess a growth mindset, we are unconventional, always evolving, and looking for ways to improve, challenge, and inspire."

Our Services

We offer a wide range of high touch & seamless workforce solutions that enables our clients and candidates to succeed in a fast-paced competitive market.

Retained Executive Search

If you are looking for a quality partner to manage your next critical leadership or succession-related search The C-Suite Hub can help you with the following:

  • Hiring of C-Level Executives & Board of Directors
  • General Managers & Business Directors
  • Business Unit Heads or Department Heads
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Contingent Recruitment

  • Hiring of Permanent Staff
  • Hiring of Temporary Staff
  • Hiring of Fixed Term Staff
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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

High-volume recruitment or mass/bulk hiring for a large number of positions within a defined period to support your rapidly growing business or simply scaling your business as well as high-attrition departments.  We can help manage the entire cycle of your recruitment process via:

  • Deploying experienced onsite or offsite recruiters
  • Market Mapping, Advertising Campaigns, Assessment Centres
  • Advanced sourcing & screening of candidates
  • Manage interview coordination with stakeholders
  • Manage offer management & negotiation
  • Document collection
  • Reference check
  • Manage the full onboarding process
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Talent Solutions

  • Talent Mapping
  • Workforce Resource Planning
  • Project Based Bulk Recruitment
  • Advertising Campaign
  • Talent Pooling
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HR Consulting

  • Salary Benchmarking
  • Psychometric Profiling
  • Job Description Development
  • UAE Labor Law
  • HR Policies and Procedure
  • Employee Handbook
  • UAE new business set-up
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Job Search Counselling

  • Professional CV Writing
  • LinkedIn Profile Builder
  • Personal brand and online presence
  • Career Counselling
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Industries Covered

We support clients operating in a wide spectrum of industry sectors


Our mission is to be a change catalyst to businesses by bridging the gap between the perseverance of today’s leaders and connect it to the passion of the youth - "Our future leaders" for a better tomorrow in the world of work.


These are the values that drives us everyday, it’s what makes us tick…

We apply our innate passion and perseverance to succeed in all our undertaking.

We have deep rooted love for finding exceptional niche talent that allows our client to succeed.

We apply data-driven approach to our work that enables our clients reach strategic decisions.

We are compelled not just to deliver but to add value and exceed expectations.

We are practical, but we are creative, innovative, and always finding ways for a win-win.

We see beyond what the job description tells us. We see potential - The human element.

We are thought leaders in the employment industry. We initiate meaningful dialogs and offers a platform for leaders to connect.

We are forward looking and possess growth mindset, unconventional, always evolving always looking for ways to improve, challenge and inspire.

We Support

These are the causes that we believe in and support. For more Thought Leadership Articles on these topics visit the articles page.


Nasim Abdi

Nasim Abdi

Relationship Manager – Financial Services

Vanessa was the 1st consultant who proactively helped me get a position in DIFC when I moved to Dubai. Thanks to her large network in the region and professional attributes, she got me a great job in no time. Her extensive knowledge in recruitment is exceptional.

Faisal Van Duuren

Faisal Van Duuren

Revenue Manager – Aviation

During my job change Vanessa was my consultant. I am thankful for that and satisfied with my job change. She was full of energy and a dedicated consultant. She is passionate and her excellent communication skills & commitment makes it worth as a fine

Stephen Curtis

Stephen Curtis

Finance Manager – Healthcare

Vanessa is very efficient and extremely competent. Her communication skills were excellent throughout the whole process. She delivered a very professional service from start to finish. In summary, I highly recommend Vanessa for any person seeking employment.

Peter Harris

Peter Harris

FP&A Manager – Logistics Industry

Vanessa is an extremely competent consultant. She kept me informed at every step of the process and provided me with several potential opportunities. Would highly recommend Vanessa.

Cristiano De Marini

Cristiano De Marini

Country Finance Manager | Global FP&A Lead – Commodities Trading

Collaborating with Vanessa was a great experience. She's a high value professional, always ready to provide all the support you need. She demonstrated solid work ethic and a strong dedication her role. I am confident to say that Vanessa is really outstanding in her field and I recommend her as a trustable resource.

Karen Lipardo

Karen Lipardo

Senior Financial Analyst - Pharmaceutical Industry

I had the opportunity to work with Vanessa 7 years ago. She is one of the best in her field and one of most respectable and professional consultants I have dealt with. She knows her craft very well and works fast with efficiency and delivers results on time. Vanessa’s dedication and compassion to her clients and candidates exceeds my expectations. I can never thank her enough for a job well done.

Fernando Sarael Jr.

Fernando Sarael Jr.

Business Director - Advertising | Creative Agency

Vanessa was extremely helpful when I was changing jobs. She applied her in-depth knowledge of recruitment processes and effectively empathized with my situation, allowing me to confidently and competitively negotiate the next step in my career. Her natural ability to put herself both in the position of the candidate and employer allows her to coach and give sound guidance.

Reginald Mudangwe

Reginald Mudangwe

Finance Director - Pharmaceutical Industry

I had the opportunity to have Vanessa as my consultant during a job change. I find Vanessa to be a dedicated consultant who among other things challenges the limits to achieve results / objectives. She is passionate of what she does and her excellent communication skills & commitment compliments her profile. I recommend Vanessa without any hesitation.

Holger Lompe

Holger Lompe

CFO - Manufacturing Industry

Vanessa was instrumental in the hiring process of a CFO position. I can say that Vanessa was very professional in the whole process. Vanessa made sure that the candidate felt appreciated and had transparency about the requirements of the role and the process. This hiring was difficult as the role demanded re-structuring and change management which can be challenging to attract candidates who are successful in their current role. Vanessa was material in bridging the remuneration and performance expectations

Gordon Finlayson

Gordon Finlayson

General Counsel – TV | Media

Vanessa is an insightful, knowledgeable, and responsive HR professional who has a great understanding of the UAE legal market and the requirements of in-house departments. I’m happy to recommend Vanessa after working on a couple of different projects with her.

Russell Eastaugh

Russell Eastaugh

Group Tax Director – Gaming Industry

I worked with Vanessa on a number of the senior staff she recruited for the group. I interacted with her particularly in dealing with remuneration and tax issues for candidates she was recruiting. She is energetic and responsive, and able to appreciate problems, receptive to ideas on how to solve them, and good at communicating with candidates. She succeeded in hiring some great people for us.

Filip Rideau

Filip Rideau

Country Manager – Recruitment | Workforce Solution Industry

” Genuine expert” is the phrase that pops into my mind when I think about Vanessa.
                                    Vanessa continually delivered and is a great asset for any organization looking to enhance results around their business development or talent acquisition team. Above all of her success Vanessa was extremely involved in providing a great energy to the office and is greatly missed.

Kristina Nagy

Kristina Nagy

Head of IT - Gaming Industry

Vanessa is a highly motivated, high-performance individual. She has high detail orientation and skilful in assessing the right fit. Our conversations were impactful. Her communication skills made conversations flow easily, she demonstrated excellent listening skills and relayed significant information about the role. Her timely responses and fantastic upbeat attitude throughout the process was refreshing. Thank you, Vanessa!

Safiyah Alli

Safiyah Alli

Regional Operations Director – Recruitment | Workforce Solution Industry

Vanessa is very strategic in her approach, she is highly customer centric, she communicates and manages expectations clearly with internal/external stakeholders resulting in enhanced customer experience and retention. Vanessa has a good grasp of business processes and commercial acumen, both of which are important skills in a leader. Vanessa would be an asset to any organisation.

Maria Requeman

Maria Requeman

Director of Growth, Data Science & Analytics – Financial Services

I had the opportunity to work with Vanessa to hire some of my team members and it was a great experience working with her. She is incredibly efficient, proactive, organized, responsive, smart, and a highly skilled talent partner. It was my pleasure working with Vanessa and any company will be lucky to have her as part of their team. Thanks, Vanessa, for everything.


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